12 August 2010

Crap... but I needed to do something.

Despite your semi-sturdy belief of spirits not existing,
tonight, you open your eyes,
uncover your ears
and seek out your heart.

And in the rush of tree leaves briskly grazing one another,
wind racing with itself through grass blades,

the hopes of rediscovered souls vibrate the air,
around you,
like a new wave of life's melodic hums,
composed of each of your idiosyncrasies
banded together, somehow,
generating the same sort of music you heard once before --

sounds like the rhythm of nostalgia taking you
back to the years you long to keep dear.

I need some inspiration

The words I would've once abundantly hurled onto the page now feel empty.

Haiku (first attempt)

Frightfully slight, our
fragile plight has left me torn
and without much faith.