25 January 2011

Right Direction (song)

I don't know exactly where all this is going.
I don't care that I've never been here before.
But the road that we're on tonight
looks long and full of light
and it seems we're heading in the right direction.

I know I've never been one to hide what I'm thinking
and I know I'm not the type to close an open door.
And the signs we pass on the right
are leading us and they just might
tell us which path to take to avoid correction.

Now I'm patiently waiting
for a day that needs saving
but I think that we've got a ways to go.
And the memories we're making --
they will never need naming
'cause the days that we have, I'll always know.

I won't worry about the things we may run into
'cause I know when I'm with you, we'll rock the world.
And the stares we get from the crowd
will do nothing, won't pull us down.
I'd do anything to keep us balancing.

Now I'm anxiously paging
through the notes I've been saving
and for the times that you give me, to you I owe
any wish that you've made.
And I promise today
that what I feel for you can only show

That now I'm readily claiming
this thing we are creating
as a new thrill in a world that we can call our own.

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